About DTLA

DTLA will achieve our mission by being guided by the following standards and principles:

Collaboration – we will bring a “we versus I” approach to our involvement with DTLA, encourage teamwork and value the contributions of one another’s ideas, opinions and skills.

Inclusion – we will bring together a wide range of visible and invisible differences that exist among people and make the best use of the collective group’s varied skills, perspectives and backgrounds to address ever changing issues in order to be successful today and tomorrow.

Professional – we will act with integrity and respect in all of our dealings as trial lawyers and as association members and always value and demonstrate mutual respect for others.

Compassionate – we have and exhibit concern, empathy and consideration for the needs and values of others.

Purposeful – we will align our individual and collective actions with DTLA’s mission and will not be distracted by that which is not aligned with our mission.

Transparent – we will be open and candid in our dealings with one another and will be proactive in communicating up, down and across the organization.


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