DTLA Benefits

DTLA List Server
This valuable networking tool puts the power and experience of some of Dallas' best trial lawyers at your fingertips. List Server members can ask questions, discuss case strategies, and gather information via e-mail from some of the best trial lawyers in Dallas. List postings are archived and fully searchable.

Membership CLE Luncheons
DTLA's membership CLE luncheons are designed with Dallas trial lawyers in mind. These lunch programs feature speakers that will help you navigate trending legal issues, build your practice, and sharpen your trial skills.  These are highly relevant CLE’s that you will not get anywhere else.

Social Events
In addition to our luncheons, DTLA members meet regularly for networking events and DTLA hosts several events during the year including our Trucks, Taps & Trial Lawyers event in the spring, the DTLA Derby in the summer and the DTLA Annual Party in the fall.  

TrialSmith's National Databases
DTLA partners with TrialSmith to bring you an exclusive bank of documents and depositions from 56 participating trial lawyer associations. DTLA members may search the database for free, and may purchase these items separately or subscribe to TrialSmith.  First year subscription access is free to new DTLA members. (Learn More)

Depositions and Trial Testimony (Search) (Upload)
More than 270,000 fully searchable deposition transcripts with exhibits, instantly accessible on-line.

Expert Challenges (Search)
More than 20,000 cases and actual briefs specifically related to experts who have been challenged in “Gatekeeping" cases.

Briefs and Motions (Search)
Briefs, pleadings, sample forms, IMEs, curriculum vitaes and other documents filed in court proceedings.

Similar Searches (Search)
Similar Searches link to plaintiff lawyers who have performed searches similar to your own at TrialSmith.

National Case Law Database from Fastcase (Search)
Access cases from U.S Supreme Court, Federal District Courts, Federal Circuit Courts, Federal Bankruptcy Courts, All State Courts, U.S. Codes, State Statutes and Codes. Cases updated within 24-48 hours. FREE to TrialSmith Subscribers.

Verdicts and Settlements (Search)
A national database of professionally researched verdict and settlement reports.